Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 3

Thing 5

This is the best piece of public art ever: Zombie Squirrel from Artscape 2007.

Thing 6

I found retrievrr to be really really fun even with no artisic ability at all. I can see my self spending hours seeing what images come up from my stick figure drawings.

Thing 7

I decided to use blogger for this journal as a change from the blogging tool I usually use, livejournal. So far I still like livejournal better.

Week 2

Thing 3 and 4

Well as you can see, after trying gazillion usernames I finally was able to come up with one that was not is use and fit. I have my fingers crossed that I have properly registerd my blog.

I find the most difficult habit for me is to view problems as challenges and the easiest begin with the end in mind.

Week One

Thing 1
Have read about the program and have decided to participate.

Thing 2
I have hopefully brushed up on my Life Long Learning Habits.